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关於晶强实业股份有限公司Chip Power Technology Corp.(CP)成立於2010年6月,是一家专业的元件代理商。我们为通信或工业客 户提供技术资料,如MCU,Memory ,radar sensor和IC的整体解决方案。与仅提供报价和交付日期的传统组件代理不同,透过我的专业团队帮助客户解决产品开发的瓶颈,并提供客户更多解决方案。进而加速产品开发的时间并提高产品的质量。公司代理多项国内外的产品,包含NETSOL/ SRAM、New Vision Display/ 液晶触控模组,瑞典公司Acconeer公司雷达感测器产品、ANT/ DC Power Converter,G.I.C. Giant InfoTech Corp.产品等,提供多样产品及完整的服务,竭诚邀请您一起合作成长,并共创双赢。

  Chip Power Technology Corp.(CP) was founded in June 2010 as a professional components distributor. We provided total solutions with technical material, such as Memory, radar sensor, and IC to communication or industrial customers. Unlike conventional component representatives who provide only quotations and delivery dates, Through my professional team can help customers solve bottlenecks in product development and provide customers with more solutions. In turn, it accelerates product development time and improves product quality.

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